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Age/Height/Weight Requirements:
No Restrictions
6 to 36 Months
Important: Read all packaging instructions (and manual warnings if applicable) prior to use.
Battery Requirements:
2 AA (Included)
ABC Hamster House™
Model #: 52055
Part of the Having a Ball™ Collection!

The Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ ABC Hamster House™ is a wheel of fun for your little one!

Drop the hamster balls in the tube and watch them appear in the see-through wheel. Your child will hear the ABC song as they spin the wheel to make the balls tumble around in circles and watch the balls roll out and down the slide! For added fun and surprise, your child can hide balls in the side door of the hamster house. When they press the hamster paw button, they will hear cheerful sound effects and fun melodies. Learning the ABC’s has never been more fun!


  • Put hamster balls into the tube to load up the hamster wheel and hear sound effects
  • Spin the wheel to hear the alphabet song and watch the hamster balls tumble around
  • Press button to hear fun melodies
  • Watch the light on the button “dance” to the melodies
  • Balls drop down the ramp when the wheel is spun 
  • Open either door and place the ball in the hamster home for peek-a-boo fun
  • Helps teach letters and object permanence while promoting fine motor skills
Additional Features:

  • Try me: Spin wheel or push button to hear sound effects and melodies
  • Coordinates with other items in the Bright Starts™ Having a Ball™ Toddler Toy Collection
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