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New Mom Checklists
Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! At Bright Starts, we know that the journey of welcoming a new baby comes with great happiness as well as some unknowns. Well, we want to be there with you along your journey. This checklist page has recommendations for must-have products for baby as well as a guide to follow to get off on the right foot.

Must-Haves Checklist (The Basics)

This checklist should help you prepare for baby’s big arrival. These are product you need have on hand before the big day.

  • _____Infant car seat (carrier)
  • _____Stroller/Travel System
  • _____Front carrier or backpack
Beds and linens
  • _____Crib with mattress or Bassinet/cradle (until baby is big enough for the crib)
  • _____Two to three fitted crib sheets.
  • _____Four or more receiving blankets for swaddling baby
  • _____Waterproof crib liners
Diaper duty
  • _____Diapers
  • _____Baby wipes
  • _____Diaper pail (with refills or bags as needed)
  • _____Diaper bag
  • _____Sleeping outfits
  • _____Onesies
  • _____Small baby cap
  • _____Socks/booties
  • _____Soft, comfortable daytime outfits – your baby will grow quickly, so you may want to start with only a few Get only a few items in newborn size.
  • _____Bibs
  • _____Weather-appropriate clothing (hats for Summer, blankets/jackets for Winter)
Feeding Time
If you're planning to breast-feed:
  • _____Nursing bras and pads
  • _____Breast pump if you expect to use one and small bottles
  • _____Bottle brush
  • _____Insulated bottle holder for diaper bag
  • _____Cloth diapers or burp cloths.
If you're planning to bottle-feed:
  • _____Six 4- to 5-ounce bottles, plus nipples, rings, and a dishwasher basket if you use a dishwasher.
  • _____Formula
Bath Time
  • _____Plastic infant bathtub
  • _____Soft hooded towels
  • _____Baby washcloths
  • _____Baby body wash that doubles as shampoo
  • _____Pair of blunt-tip scissors or baby-sized nail clippers
  • _____Diaper rash ointment
  • _____Soft brush and comb
  • _____Baby lotion
  • _____Thermometer
Keeping baby happy
  • _____Pacifiers
  • _____See Recommended Product Checklist from Bright Starts
Recommended Product Checklist

At Bright Starts, our goal is to bring smiles and laughter to mom and baby and these smart product solutions aim to do just that. We want your journey with baby to be a true delight without the stress of making decisions about the best products to purchase, so we offer you an assortment of award-winning baby toys and gear.
We hope this checklist of recommended products helps you stay organized and enjoy every moment with baby!

Teethers & Rattles
  • _____ Chill & Teethe
  • _____ Rattle & Teethe
  • _____ License to Drool
  • _____ Rattle & Shake Barbell
  • _____ Bloom & Rattle
  • _____ Bunch-o-Fun
  • _____ Teether Pals
  • _____ Bloomin' Blocks
  • _____ Snuggle & Teethe
  • _____ Carrier Toy Bar
  • _____ Clip on Friends
  • _____ Chime Along FriendsTM
  • _____ See & Play Auto & Crib Mirror
  • _____ Flexi Ball
  • _____ Drop & Giggle
  • _____ Pond Poppers
  • _____ Silly Tunes Piano
  • _____ Bend & Beep Phone
Play Gyms & Tummy Mats
  • _____ Tummy Cruiser
  • _____ Baby’s PlayPlace
  • _____ Activity Gym
Bouncers & Swings
  • _____ Musical Bouncer
  • _____ Bouncer with vibration & toys  
  • _____ InGenuity Collection
  • _____ Sunnyside Safari™ Collection
  • _____ Bounce-A-Bout
  • _____ Activity Jumper
  • _____ Around We Go
  • _____ InGenuity Collection
  • _____ Sunnyside Safari Collection
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