Generation Mom

Generation Mom is a community of moms who share experiences and inspire our next generation of products. After joining (which only takes a few minutes), you'll be eligible to win free products from Kids II.

At Kids II, parents are an essential part of our research team. We want to know: What products do you love? How do you learn about new items? Do you have an idea for a product improvement or new solution? Our mission is to make your dreams and aspirations a reality for parents across the globe.

How do I get involved?

Sign Up

Complete a brief enrollment form. Generation Mom is open to U.S. and Canadian moms (and moms to be) who meet specific criteria. You will receive an email confirmation upon acceptance.

Check Your Inbox

Kids II will send you surveys about once or twice a month. At times we are looking for specific types of moms, but many of our surveys are open to our entire Generation Mom community.

Get Free Products to Review

Some of our research involves testing new products in your home. If you qualify for one of these studies, a product will be shipped to you for your evaluation and honest feedback.

How are members rewarded?

Besides being part of a highly influential and impactful network, members have the chance to receive or win Kids II products and other items, such as gift cards. Prizes are awarded via a monthly random drawing, and all moms who completed a survey in the prior 30-day period are eligible to win.

What are the surveys like?

Participation in surveys and product testing is always optional, and we aim to make all of our research engaging for moms. A typical online survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete; product testing varies by item and is highly flexible to fit into your natural at-home routine.

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