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Age/Height/Weight Requirements:
Up to 20 lbs
Birth & Up
Important: Read all packaging instructions (and manual warnings if applicable) prior to use.
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Snuggle Me Sleeper™ - Nestling Vine™
Model #: 60130

Surround baby in supreme comfort with this snugly, soft sleeper. Plush, premium fabrics and adorable satin tags soothe baby like never before.

The inclined seat is positioned perfectly to help baby rest soundly, and soothing vibrations will help baby feel snug and secure. A removable bolster cradles smaller babies and Taggies’ peek-a-boo blanket are welcome additions to this remarkable sleeper. Light weight folding frame makes it easy to fold and go.


  • Inclined seat helps baby to sleep more comfortably
  • Perfectly positioned breathable mesh
  • Taggies™ and Peek-A-Boo blanket provide emotional security
  • Deluxe, plush fabrics and removable bolster cradle and comfort baby
  • Lightweight folding frame makes it easy to store or move from room to room
  • Gentle rocking motion soothes baby
  • Soothing vibrations

Additional Features:

  • 3 point harness
  • Seat pad is easy to clean
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