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Best Baby Toys for Every Age

The Best Ball Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Let your little one "have a ball" with these action-packed toys.

It seems to be a universal truth that any mother will tell you: babies are drawn to ball toys! Throwing them, rolling them, chasing seems there is nothing more entertaining to a baby or toddler than simply playing with a ball.

If you're looking for ideas to liven up your baby's playtime, toys that feature balls are the perfect solution. Keep them busy for hours with interactive ball play activities with lights & sounds, or make up your own games to play along with your baby.

Bright Starts - 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Pink Activity Gym
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•  For Newborn & Up: A Ball Pit Play Gym

You can start using a gym for tummy time and playtime as soon as you first bring baby home. The 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play™ activity gym takes gyms to the next level. When baby gets a bit older and starts sitting up, you can fold up the sides, add balls (included), and convert it into baby's very own ball pit. This is certain to be baby's "happy place" into the toddler years. Also available in a pink option.

“It seems there is nothing more entertaining to a baby or toddler than simply playing with a ball.”

•  For Sitting-Up Babies: Ball Poppin' Pals

When babies begin to sit up independently, it opens up a whole new world. This stage is prime for introducing new toys -- like ones that incorporate ball activities.

It’s easy to see why the Hide 'n Spin Monkey is a bestseller -- it's a barrel of laughs! Babies can place balls into the monkey's hat, watch them spin, and, later, chase them as they spill out of the bottom.

Babies can bounce balls to their heart’s content with the Pop & Giggle Pond Pal, featuring a springy "mouth" that balls go flying out of. Lights and melodies enhance the fun of this silly, action-filled toy.

The Drop & Spin Turtle engages sitting babies in a fun game of hide-and-seek. Baby can drop the balls in, and then "search" for them by lifting panels as they drop down. Not only does this ball toy encourage both fine and gross motor skills -- it encourages baby's early reasoning skills.

•  For Crawling Babies: Ball Toys That "Go"

When your baby's on the move, give him or her something fun to chase (other than the family pet.) The Roll & Pop Train Toy incorporates two of the things crawling babies can’t get enough of: wheels, and balls. As the train rolls, balls pop out of the spout.

•  For Walking Babies: Walkers With Ball Toys

While babies can play with the 3-in-1 Step 'n Ride Lion as soon as they're sitting up, the real action comes when they are pulling up and taking steps. As baby pushes behind the lion or scoots it along, the balls in his mane will spin around! The balls can also shoot out of the lion's mouth, so baby can enjoy putting them in and watching them fly out, over and over again.

No matter which age or stage your baby’s in, ball toys are a classic way to keep them entertained. See even more great ball activity toys in the Bright Starts Having a Ball Collection. Let the good times roll!

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