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Best Baby Toys for Every Age

Best Toys for Sitting Babies

Sitting is a big milestone. It is the beginning of baby’s upright life, and exposes them to an entirely new view of the world. For moms and dads, this is a fun time to introduce new sitting-time toys.

From rattles to pianos, there are a number of toys that give baby something fun to do while they sit up.

Kids II - Best Baby Toys for Every Age

The Best Toys for Sitting Babies

Activity Jumpers
As your baby gets older and has more strength to sit on their own, activity jumpers and saucers can be considered. Consumer Reports says, "A stationary activity center can be used as soon as your baby can sit up unassisted (some start at about four months and most by six months)." The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is chock-full of activities to keep active and bouncy babies occupied. It has four activity stations that surround baby for 360 degrees. From an electric piano that activates various music, sounds, and languages, to a simple squeaker, this jumper has everything. It also has five height adjustments for growing babies, and a removable toy tray for easy cleaning.

"I love this activity jumper. It keeps my five month old entertained longer than five minutes like the average toy." — Jennifer, Neighborhood Friends owner*

Hands-On Play
For curious babies who don’t love jumper time, a great option is a hands-on toy that baby can play with on the floor or your lap.

Bright Starts Lights, Lights Baby Learn and Giggle Activity Station: This brightly-colored activity station features a flipbook that interacts with a corresponding windowpane. Baby can press buttons to light up the activity station, and hear various sounds, phrases, shapes, and colors. There are over 65 sounds, melodies, and phrases. With two modes of play — sitting and standing — it grows with baby, too.

Bright Starts Hide 'n Spin Monkey: This fun game is for the most curious-minded babies. A playful monkey is home to a number of brightly colored balls that baby or mom can pick up, drop in, and watch spin round and round. By pressing the bright lights on the monkey’s belly, baby will hear the names of colors, and activate silly monkey sounds, melodies, and lights. It’s great for sitting or standing play, and is one of Bright Starts' bestsellers.

"When my daughter received her toy she was screaming with excitement before it was even out of the box!" — Mom, Hide ‘n Spin owner

The Baby Einstein Discover & Play Piano: This soft piano responds easily to baby’s touch. It has three modes: Instrument, Numbers, and Animals. In Numbers Mode, baby can hear numbers in English, Spanish, and French. There are over 20 classical melodies and fun sounds, and a bright, light-up display. There is a built-in volume control too, so you can listen to baby play and still maintain your sanity.

In the reviews for the Discover & Play Piano, many parents even mentioned how they would catch themselves playing with the toy ... without their little ones. "My son loves this toy. The only problem is that my wife, who is slightly older, has already figured it out and she loves it more than he does." — Dad, Discover & Amazon reviewer

“It keeps my five-month-old entertained longer than five minutes like the average toy.”

Rattles are a staple in the toy basket. As baby begins to sit up on their own, they are able to handle these fun toys with a new curiosity. The Oball Rollie Rattles are fun animal-shaped rattles that are designed for even the littlest hands to grasp and roll. Plus, the Oball material is teetheable — with a firm, yet flexible surface.

*This reviewer received a complimentary product in exchange for their candid review.

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