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Bringing Home Baby

Breastfeeding Must-Haves

For moms who decide to breastfeed, there is a lot to learn, and so much of it comes from doing. Many moms will tell you that one of the biggest challenges is just getting comfortable during feeding times — achieving the right position for baby without testing your upper-body strength or neglecting back support. 

To create the ideal position for baby and mom, you could twist up a stack of pillows. Or, you could make it simple, and use a nursing pillow — one designed just for these unique positions.

Breastfeeding Gear Must-Haves Article

The Best Nursing Pillow

The Cover Me mombo Nursing Pillow

This pillow naturally contours to your body, holding baby snug and secure while nursing. It completely surrounds baby and adds the extra support mom needs during nursing sessions. By taking the fuss out of positioning, you can get comfortable easily, which is particularly nice for moms who need to support their backs, or who are tender after a C-section delivery. It also has a gentle (and removable) vibration unit, which helps to soothe baby while you nurse. Plus, it’s two-sided, which makes this pillow dual purpose: the firmer side is ideal for nursing, while the softer side can be used for soft and cozy lounging or for tummy time

If your baby is a wiggle worm like mine, I highly recommend this pillow. It keeps her calm and entertained when she's awake, and puts her right to sleep when breastfed. — New mom and Toys"R"Us Cover Me mombo reviewer

Slipcovers for Easy Fashion Changes and Washing

The mombo uses slipcovers, so there are plenty of design options to suit both your baby and your style. Try a delicate print, such as Hello Yellow or something more playful, like the Quiet Safari. Both are a neutral choice, with a different print on each side. These slipcovers are soft and gentle for baby’s delicate skin, and the covers zip on and off for easy machine-washing.

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