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Baby Swing Buying Guide

Babies often enjoy the feeling of being gently rocked. It’s womb-like and soothing. It’s also pretty tiring at times for mom! Swings can be a great way to give your back a break while calming baby, or simply to soothe and entertain for a few hands-free minutes.

There are a number of swings available today to meet any variety of lifestyles and spaces. From portable swings to swings with bling, this guide will help you find the one that best meets your needs.

Baby Swing Buying Guide Article

Baby Swing Ideas: Finding the Best Match

•  Swinging On the Go

Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing : This handy portable swing has two recline positions and maintains six constant speeds, even as your baby grows and gets heavier. The motor is quiet and features a three-choice timer. It also plays six peaceful melodies, with a volume control feature to let you decide how loud is loud enough. A pivoting toy bar has two plush toys, and can be taken off for better access to your little one. It also converts easily from a swing to a vibrating seat with the push of a button! A five-point harness keeps baby safe at all times.

“Swings can be a great way to give your back a break while calming baby.”

•  On-the-Go: Without Losing Power

Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing: This portable swing has an AC power adaptor and includes progressive technology that helps the battery life last three-times longer than traditional swings. It’s also full of features, including a whisper-quiet motor with three timer settings, five swing-speed options, and music. It has a removable toy bar with two plush toys and a five-point harness for safety. Plus, it folds flat to make storage and transport a snap.

The Bump rated this swing their "Most Versatile," adding that, "Between the five swing speed options, eight melodies and three nature sounds, there's plenty to keep baby entertained while you take a ‘me’ break."

•  Filled with Fun & Tech

Ingenuity InLighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing: This swing is high tech! Mom or dad can even connect a smart device to entertain their baby with pictures and videos. It also has a sweet and engaging electronic mobile with moving lights and plush toys. An innovative swing rotates baby 180° so they are always in view — plus, baby can swing in two directions. It has two recline positions, plays eight melodies and three nature sounds, and offers six swing speeds and three timer settings. If that wasn’t enough, this swing also converts to a rocker!

Blogger "Miss Frugal Mommy"* shared a review, saying: "You could also play a video on the device and face it down so your baby can look up and watch it … how cool is that!?"

*This reviewer received a complimentary product in exchange for her candid review.

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