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Does baby need a swing AND a bouncer? Do I need to buy both a bassinet and a play yard? Should I ask for both a high chair and booster seat? Expectant parents get loads of advice about what they will need, and since different babies prefer different things (and you won’t know what baby prefers until he or she arrives), it’s hard for parents to make up their minds. U.S. News & World Report says that “Baby gear costs ($7,385 on average during the first year, according to the book Baby Bargains), so watching your child quickly outgrow the limited-use products you so carefully selected can be frustrating, not to mention a strain on your budget if you have to then buy another whole set of age-appropriate gear.”

The good news is, more and more baby products are made to be multi-functional, so you don’t need to choose between one piece of gear and another. Read on for some of the savviest new baby registry picks on the market!

Smarter Baby Registry Ingenuity InReach Bouncer


One brand new piece of baby equipment that just entered the market is changing everything. The InReach Bouncer and Mobile Lounger™ from Ingenuity™ is a traditional bouncer with a new spin – it comes with an elevated frame that allows you to roll baby easily from room to room! Moms are going crazy over this brilliant new baby must-have. The frame raises baby’s seat safely off the floor, keeping baby away from pets and drafty floors, and at a comfortable height for mom. Now you can keep baby by your side, but still move throughout the house – keeping baby in reach (hence the name) while you work in the kitchen, sit at the table, or go anywhere in your home

“After a C-section, bending is not your friend, so not having to bend over was fantastic!! Our little one could also be a part of the family at meal times and game nights, we could just roll him up to the table!!” says product reviewer Remysmama*, “And you can wheel baby from room to room without lifting.”

More and more baby products are made to be multi-functional, so you don’t need to choose between one piece of gear and another.


Some babies love to swing back and forth, while some favor side-to-side motion. Still others prefer to lounge in a bouncy seat or rocker. The challenge is, you won’t know what your baby prefers until your little bundle of joy arrives. So choose a seat that does it all, like the InLighten Cradling Swing & Rocker™. This brilliant, full-size swing converts to a seat that rocks and calms baby with soothing vibrations. The swing seat rotates 180 degrees to sway from side-to-side; or, baby can swing from front to back. The rotating seat means you can keep baby in your line of sight. As an added bonus, this swing allows you to connect your smart phone so you can customize baby’s music! Plug it in, and you can save on batteries, too.


Parents often lament how quickly babies outgrow their baby gear - especially high chairs. So, Ingenuity developed the Trio 3-in-1 High Chair™ that converts from traditional full-size high chair to a chair top booster seat, and then a handy toddler chair so your toddler can pull up to the table like a big kid. It even seats two children at once when used as a booster seat and toddler seat.


No question about it – a newborn baby needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep everywhere he goes, whether it’s next to your bed, at Grandma’s house, or while you complete your everyday tasks around the home. Sleepers are a great choice if you want to move from room to room, or give baby a place to relax while you’re on vacation. But for the money, a playard that includes a bassinet will solve all your needs and grow with baby into the toddler years for multiple uses. The Smart and Simple Playard includes a cozy, bassinet-like place for newborns to sleep. Next to the bassinet attachment is a changing table that’s elevated to make diaper changes easier on mom’s back. The mattress lowers to the bottom to become a playard where baby can play safely confined and comfortable, even as he begins sitting and pulling up. Key pieces are machine-washable and it includes a travel bag with wheels.

*This reviewer received a complimentary product in exchange for her candid review.

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