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First Year Baby Gear

Walkers, Jumpers & Saucers: Entertaining Baby

Growing babies seem to be in constant motion, and evermore curious about the world around them. For moms, this means not only keeping up with baby, but also keeping them entertained. That can be a tall order when there is still a list of things that you need to get done!

There are a number of products that help babies to engage with their environment, be active, and even entertain themselves a bit – and to do so safely.

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Choosing a Walker, Jumper, or Saucer

All three – walkers, jumpers and saucers — let active babies move and be entertained. Which option you go with depends on your baby's personality, as well as your lifestyle, and even the amount of space you have.

•  Walkers: For Babies With Places to Go

Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker : This walker is designed to grow with your baby, with three adjustable height positions and a removable toy station. A high seat back lends extra comfort and support, while its elliptical frame provides a sturdy platform for little ones just beginning to walk. The bright and fun toy station includes a number of toys, and it plays music — numbered piano keys let baby activate lights and sounds.

“All three – walkers, jumpers and saucers – let active babies move and be entertained.”

•  Jumpers: For Babies That Bounce

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper : This jumper is like a baby entertainment center! It’s loaded with over 13 engaging toys and activities to keep your busy baby interested. It revolves around an ocean theme, including a Nemo rollerball toy station that attracts baby with dancing lights and ocean sounds. It features familiar Finding Nemo characters, from Dory, to Mr. Ray, to Bruce the friendly shark. The seat even rotates a full 360° to give baby a complete view of what’s around them. This platform has four height adjustments as well, so it can grow with baby.

Bright Starts Explore & Roar Activity Jumper : This jumper's space-saving design makes it an ideal solution for smaller spaces. Even so, it is full of activities. A removable lion station features three modes of fun: melodies, animals & numbers, and piano sounds. By touching, pressing, and spinning, baby can initiate a number of activities that keep their senses engaged. This jumper also rotates a full 360° and includes height adjustment for growing babies.

"The jumper makes jumping easy and fun, not to mention more hands-free time for mom!" — Mom and Explore & Roar owner*

•  Saucers: Keeping Baby Busy

Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Activity Saucer : This ocean-themed saucer gives babies many of the same activities as walkers and jumpers, while staying put. The seat rotates 360°, allowing baby to reach all the fun toys this saucer has to offer. It has over 11 activities, with three play modes: classical music, piano sounds, and language discovery. Toys include a bead popper, a tropical fish teether, and a bright and fun electric piano. It has three adjustable heights, and easily disaasembles for storage.

•  Something Different: Breaking Convention

Bright Starts Zippity Zoo 3-in-1 Around We Go : This one-of-a-kind seat is like a walker and entertainer in one. In it, baby can safely walk or run around the outside perimeter of the activity table. It's ideal for curious and active babies, where room for a walker isn’t an option. There are over 15 activities, including a piano station with three play modes: flipbook to activate melodies, silly sounds, and piano. Plus, the seat is removable, turning it into a toddler activity table as baby gets older.

"Since we've been using this, she's able to stand more independently and stands so comfortably in it." — Stephanie, mom, and Zippity Zoo owner

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