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First Year Baby Gear

Baby Walker, Saucer & Jumper Safety

Parents delight at baby’s first independent steps – it’s a milestone, and moment that will be remembered for a lifetime. But before then, many babies use jumpers, saucers, and walkers to move around and explore the world around them.

There are a few simple steps that parents can take to ensure the safety and protection of their little ones as they use these products.

Baby Entertainer Safety Article

Tips for Baby Safety with Walkers, Saucers, and Jumpers

•  What Age is Baby Ready for a Walker, Saucer, or Jumper?

Many babies have a strong urge to move as they get close to walking. This is often when parents begin to look at walkers, as well as activity saucers and stationary jumpers. Babies are best suited for these types of products when they are strong enough. Consumer Reports says, "A stationary activity center can be used as soon as your baby can sit up unassisted (some start at about 4 months and most by 6 months)."

Even so, always look at the manufacturer’s guidelines for weight, height, and proper usage to ensure safety with each individual product. And keep in mind that these products are not a replacement for independent walking – rather, they are a fun way to keep baby engaged, and to let them work out some energy!

“Many babies have a strong urge to move as they get close to walking.”

•  What Safety Features are Important to Consider?

There are a number of product safety features to consider when selecting one of these products.

Secure Position: A high seat back can provide extra support for babies that are just starting their upright, mobile lives. The Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker features this design, ensuring that baby is secure as he scoots around.

Space Consideration: If you don’t have a safe space to use a walker, and a jumper isn’t your baby’s thing, consider an alternative. According to Consumer Reports, “If you want to add some mobility to your baby's fun, check out a walk-around activity center that lets your child scoot in a circle around a secure base.” The Bright Starts Zippity Zoo 3-in-1 Around We Go is an activity table with a seat that lets baby safely move around the perimeter of the table. Plus, it can be converted into an activity table once baby is able to walk independently.

•  What are Other Guidelines to Keep Baby Safe?

Babies in walkers, saucers, and jumpers should always be supervised. Where these products are used or placed should be away from surfaces which baby could fall, such as stairs. Also keep them away from surfaces that they could push off from or risk injury, such as a hot stove. In addition, it is important to read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper use. For instance, many of these products are designed for babies who do not yet walk, and their use may need to be discontinued once they can walk independently. Consumer Reports advises that parents, “stop using the activity center when your child can walk or even stand up by himself. A standing or walking child can tip it over and be injured or trapped.” Keep in mind, these products are designed with storage in mind, and can be folded up and tucked away for use with future siblings.

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