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First Year Baby Gear

The Smartest Baby Gear for Small Spaces

Babies are so small – why does their stuff have to take up so much space? Here are a few suggestions for finding the best baby gear for small spaces.

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Choose a door jumper instead of entertainment center

Don’t want to fill your kitchen with a huge baby entertainer? Choose a door jumper. The Sea & Discover Door Jumper from Baby Einstein takes up less than half the space as an activity saucer and gives baby plenty of exercise. This one has toys that detach so baby can play with them later.

Multi-use baby products are great space savers

Choose multi-use baby products that convert to other gear items that baby will need later. The Trio High Chair from Ingenuity converts from traditional high chair to a chair top high chair, and later to a toddler booster seat. In fact, it can even seat 2 children at the same time.

The 2-in-1 Silly Sunburst Activity Gym and Saucer from Bright Starts converts from a newborn play gym to an activity saucer for older babies. The rainbow light bar engages your baby with dancing lights and melodies.

Space-saving baby seats, with all the bells & whistles

Baby swings and seats for small spaces doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to sacrifice features.

The 2-in-1 Rock and Swing from Bright Starts has all the features of a full size swing and converts from a swing to a rocker - and is available in a fun new fashion (Toucan Tango.) Plus, 3 recline positions, melodies and volume control, auto-shut off timer, AC adaptor and technology that keeps swing speeds consistent and quiet.

Save Space with a sleeper or playard

Sleepers take up much less space than a crib or bassinet, and they are easy to transport. Ingenuity's Moonlight Rocking Sleeper™ in Cuddle Lion™ fashion folds in “half” super-fast. The lightweight frame makes it easy to move around your house or to Grandma’s, and it’s a cozy place for baby to sleep for about the first five months. The mobile lulls baby with a soft, starry light show.

Many parents who are space-challenged, opt for a playard. instead of a crib. The Smart and Simple Deluxe Playard meets baby’s needs through the toddler years. The DreamCentre is a cozy place for newborns to sleep. There’s a changing table, and a comfortable bassinet and then the mattress that zips out and becomes a playard for older babies and toddlers. It's great for saving space around the house or on-the-go.

A great way to store and dry bath toys

Even the bathtub can get a little crowded, as baby’s collection of toys expands. We think this toy is a functionally fantastic idea: O-Scoop bath toy from Oball is fun for baby to scoop and play in the tub, but then acts as a great place to drain and store baby’s bath toys. Just scoop the toys out of the bathwater and hang it up to dry.

Here are more ideas on living in a small space with baby inspired by

  • Bibs: 2-3 bibs should be enough. Wash your bibs when you wash baby’s clothes, and you’ll always have them on hand.
  • Blankets: Your friends will bring you beautiful hand-made blankets but most of them will never be used. Just a couple blankets will do – consider keeping one or two lighter ones for swaddling and warm weather and a heavier one for the winter months. They just take up space and never get used.
  • Clothing: All those new outfits are irresistible, but the fact is babies grow really fast and will be changing size before you know it. So baby just doesn’t need many outfits for each stage.
  • Ditch the changing table: If space is an issue, a changing table is the first thing you can take off your list. You can change a baby almost anywhere – just lay down a blanket or towel. And remember that many playards come with a changing table attached.
  • Baby towels: Another unnecessary space-waster is baby towels. Baby can use the same ones you use.

For small spaces, choose multi-use baby products that convert to other gear items that baby will need later.

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