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How to Plan a Baby Einstein Party

Make your baby's first birthday a day filled with fun & discovery

There's no doubt about it: kids' birthday parties are more memorable when there's a unique theme. But when your child is turning one, he probably won’t be able to tell you outright what special motif he prefers.

If your baby lights up when he sees his favorite Baby Einstein puppet on screen or plays with his favorite Baby Einstein toy, a Baby Einstein birthday party could be the way to go! Here are some tips on throwing a birthday party worthy of your little genius-in-the-making.

To make the planning even easier, we’ve even provided free Baby Einstein party printables!

Baby Einstein Party Invitations

Get your guests excited leading up to the big day, with Baby Einstein invitations. Our printables kit includes free customizable invitations for you to send out to friends and relatives, or pass around at your child's school.

For an extra special touch, you could include a small picture of your child in the envelope, or even attach a pair of plastic "Einstein" glasses so guests can dress the part.

“If your baby lights up when he sees his favorite Baby Einstein puppet on screen or plays with his favorite Baby Einstein toy, a Baby Einstein-theme party is a perfect fit.

Baby Einstein-Themed Cake & Snacks

Many grocery stores will customize a cake with a photo, or custom design. You could design a cake with a photo of your little one playing with a toy piano, reading his favorite book, or even dressed up as a tiny Albert Einstein Or, have a photo of your child’s best work artwork made into a cake.

If you prefer to DIY, cupcakes can be an easy and inexpensive option. To fit the Baby Einstein party theme, use different colored sprinkles or frosting, and arrange the cupcakes in the shape of the caterpillar. Or, simply whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes and insert cake toppers of Baby Einstein characters. And check out our Pinterest page for more ideas on easy Baby Einstein-themed cakes and snacks.

Baby Einstein Party Decorations

Every first birthday party needs a cute personalized banner! You can easily string together a caterpillar-shaped banner using cutouts. To personalize, you can tack on cutouts of some of your favorite baby photos.

For your centerpiece, display a favorite photo of baby or one of his finest works of art. You can add a bouquet of balloons to make the centerpiece pop. Cut out tiny photos of your birthday boy or girl’s face to use as confetti on the table.

Make a Baby Einstein caterpillar out of balloons. Use purple, blue, red and yellow balloons to create the body. The printables include the eyes, mouth, tail and antennae for you to attach to the balloons.

And how about those goodie bags? We’ve got you covered – Print out these Baby Einstein characters and attach them to paper bags. (They also can be glued to skewers to become cupcake toppers.)

Baby Einstein is all about helping your child discover the world, so consider labeling things on the table like RED napkin, or create labels in multiple languages like "Cake, pastel, gateau".

You can also enhance the ambience with a Baby Einstein video (or classical music) playing in the background. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas and inspiration

Party Activities for Your Baby

At this age, birthday party activities can be kept pretty simple. You can entertain young guests by providing coloring sheets with Baby Einstein characters, along with crayons or even watercolor paint.

Photo booths are a huge trend – why not set one up for baby’s first birthday party? You can simply print out character masks and affix them to dowel rods, and provide other fun props like glasses and party hats. Use an inexpensive party table cloth as the backdrop. Cute photos of your friends also double as thoughtful thank you notes when the party is over.

If it's an outdoor party, leave containers of bubbles and beach balls to help keep tots amused or hide simple (baby-safe) party favors, like beads and small toys, inside a large container of sand so little hands can search for surprises.

Baby Einstein Party Favor Ideas

You can create unique and inexpensive Baby Einstein "goody bags" by cutting out Baby Einstein characters (included in our free printables) and gluing them to the back of paper bags. If you're not big on candy, you can stuff the bag with bubbles, inexpensive musical instruments (like small tambourines or maraccas), watercolor paints, crayons – anything to spark creativity!

Another great party favor option for a Baby Einstein birthday party is books. You can purchase boxes of Baby Einstein board books, and give one to each guest. Or, simply give out copies of your child’s favorite board book.

Baby Einstein Gift Ideas

Your best bet for baby's first birthday gifts? Age-appropriate toys and books that inspire early discovery. If baby can't get enough of Baby Einstein, consider gifting a book club membership. For a low price, you can get 3 new age-appropriate books each month.

If you think your one-year-old would enjoy some new toys, Baby Einstein offers plenty of great options for this age!

Here is a list of retailers where you can find your favorite Baby Einstein products:

Looking for more ideas and photo inspirations for your Baby Einstein first birthday party? Head over to our Pinterest board!

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